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  • Well, I've been working on a game for TIGSource's Assemblee Competition and here's what I came up with! This is officially the first project I've finished in Construct, w00t.


    (Cash of Infinite Necessity)

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    You are a bandit from the 1800s. You have stolen so many coins that you have run out of coins to steal. Your next move? Rob the future...

    -Grab coins and kill enemies to raise your multiplier, which makes even MORE coins appear!

    -Discover the best strategies to keep your multiplier up and become rich!

    -Take on the world using the online leaderboard!

    DOWNLOAD!! (11.5 MB zip)

    View the leaderboard!

    Also don't forget to visit the forum because that's always trendy.

  • Nice game! Lots of fun.

    Although I suck at it I always want to use z as jump & x as shoot, so end up jumping when I should be shooting and shooting when I should have jumped.

    That's my brains problem though not the games.

    Nice to see more games getting finished with Construct. Hope all goes well with the Assemblee Comp over at TIGS.

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  • Nice work, Mr. Ksoft!

    I had a nice time exploding enemies. The multiplier is really a plus, this explosion of coins is really satisfying!

    I tend to dislike games that mix the pixel-art with another artstyle (in COIN the background is probably vector, and the water not pixel too), but the colors are cohesive and the contrast is great.

  • Very nice indeed.

    Was the boss supposed to be one guy or many?

    And I 'm also more used to Z for jumping and X for shooting. But it's no a big obstacle, just needed to get used to it.

  • I tend to dislike games that mix the pixel-art with another artstyle (in COIN the background is probably vector, and the water not pixel too), but the colors are cohesive and the contrast is great.

    There's a reason for that... in the first half of this TIGS competition, artists made only game assets like sprites and backgrounds and music and such. The second half of the competition was for game programmers to then pick and choose out of all of those assets and make a game out of them. The rule was that you couldn't change the assets at all, you had to use them as is. There's a lot of mixed art styles in the compo entries

    Downloading now...


    Nice . I just played through to the boss, but I got game over. It's strange how challenging a game can be with just two kinds of enemies and a couple of pits. Whenever I'm designing a game I'm always thinking "well, I have to have several kinds of enemies or players will get bored," but it's not really true... you use the two you have really well. The level design is really good, I think that has a lot to do with it. And you did a nice job incorporating different assets... it feels pretty complete.

    I did have an issue with the tree branch platforms, though. I could never tell where they ended so I fell a lot. And I came across a weird bug once where a coin wouldn't disappear no matter what... I ran over it several times and it just stayed there on the screen, but it appeared to be a one-time deal. My only other real complaint is that the game closes when you lose your last life... a Game Over screen and the option to continue would have been nice. Oh, and the boss should have had a pattern to his fireballs instead of them being random.

    Anyway, it's really nice work . I've only played a few entries so far but you have my vote for sure.

  • collecting coins is so satisfying.

    I wish real jobs were like that. Just chase bouncing coins, touch them and BLINK they're yours, no pockets needed.

  • Really nice, you got mentioned on DIY Gamer

  • Ahh I just love playing this game

    Good luck with the comp

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