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  • I had this idea the other day wile searching the forum, and thinking to myself, I should really write this stuff down.

    [quote:1bf2zrlv]CodeStruct acts like a utility that gives users access to snippets of code that can be used in the game editor Construct.

    Registered Game Jolt players can add code to increase their score, and add to the available data.

    To use, run the program, and mouse wheel up, or down to view the snippets. Hovering over a line of code will give a description of what the code is for, and bring the copy icon into view. You can then click the icon to copy the snippet to the clipboard.

    To submit code simply log in, and enter the appropriate info into the edit boxes.

    Each time you submit code your score will increase.

    Please be sure your submission is not a duplication, is relevant to Construct, and well defined.

    <img src="">


    This uses the Game Jolt Achievements plug, and while you don't have to register to use it, you will need an internet connection to read the snippets.

  • Ah I remember a tool like this from the old days called CodeBank. There was a similar one that had different features but I cannot remember the name of it. Hope this people start using something like this for Construct. That'll be useful. I usually store all my code snippets in a text file....

  • Yeah, the more the merrier. I do worry about using the Game Jolt plug, seems the site is loosing interest to every one but the dev's, and bots.

  • Damn, this is cool one. Eventhough I seldomly need anything that looks like hebrew to me


    I have to admit that Gamedev does need some casual players instead of all the devs

  • heh

    I was hoping there would be a lot more interest, but to be honest, I'm having a hard time thinking of anything new to add.

  • heh

    I was hoping there would be a lot more interest, but to be honest, I'm having a hard time thinking of anything new to add.

    Great idea, i downloaded it but like you say there doesn't seem to be anybody adding stuff?

    It might be the internet connection thing putting people off.

    If this was a construct app that stored and retrieved stuff from say an ini file it would propably be the most downloaded thing.

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  • I might re do it eventually to do that, and it might make more sense to have it possible to retrieve an online list where you don't have to log on to something.

    Heck it can do that without the Game Jolt plug. I could just maintain a file in my dropbox.

  • You know what would be cool... something like SWAG from the Pascal / C++ days. For those who don't know, SWAG was basically a collection of code snippets appended to by programmers around the world, to perform certain tasks from file handling, to physics, to graphics. Very handy back in the day. I can imagine such a thing being popular with Construct, not only for the code snippets, but if it included caps too somehow. Think of it almost like a downloadable version of jamesx's tutorials list.

  • Hosting for Construct Classic, or even links to caps poses way too many issues, but something like that should be doable for Construct 2.

    Same thing goes for plugs, another reason for a site repository.

    Then again, from what I understand C2 is supposed to be modular enough to allow a dev to make something like that... built in.

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