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  • Two days ago I stumbled upon Construct, after playing around a bit with MultiMedia Fusion 2.

    I was pleasantly surprised about Construct's ease of use, causing me to whip up the following little game: Cavebitch Mitch!

    The aim is simple: try to finish the six caves by collecting all gems and go to the exit...

    controls: cursorkeys to move around and the left SHIFT to jump... In the menu's you use the spacebar for selections.

    I have to admit I haven't (yet) made it to the final exit

    <img src="">

    Download the RAR (12 mb)

  • Nice work for two days with Construct (although the name isn't necessarily my top choice .

    My big gripe with this game is the controls. It is awkward to jump around and try to land on blocks, you often end up falling off and dying on spikes. It would be nice if the deceleration was set a lot higher or some other mechanism was used to make moving easier.

    The only reason the game is difficult is because it is hard to move the way you want and that isn't a good thing. Everything else was quite nice.

  • Thanks for testing the little game out, appreciated!

    I know what you mean with the controls. It's the only thing justifying the game's difficulty...

    As for the name, it was originally Bob the caveraider, but I found another game on the net (happened to be made with Marc Overmars' gamemaker) with the same name...

    I'm at the moment trying to find out how to build something like a leveleditor (has anyone done that in Construct?) and I'll certainly play around with the deceleration settings. And I hope to find out how to make more 'intelligent' monsters/enemies.... At this moment the only thing I know how to control them is by enclosing them between walls;) Much to learn for me!!!:)

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  • Actually, someone posted a really awesome level editor on the forums a while back... I can't seem to find it by search, but here's the file.

    The events are very well commented - should be self-explanatory. (Thanks, whoever made it!)

  • Thanks, I will examine the .cap for sure!:)

  • Would be great to add some savepoints. I couldn't get past 2nd lvl (because the difficulty scidave mentioned). It reminds me a never finished game I was doing 10yrs ago in qbasic, coincidently I finished only second level.

    otherwise good game, waiting for new version

  • *cough*

  • Woops, my sincere apologies

  • Its really fun Onky. I don't know why i kept at it, i usually don't care for particularly hard and/or unforgiving games, but i have successfully finished it several times. I really like how you played with a few simple elements and made some interesting levels by using them differently. Aside from level 5, which while a good idea, doesn't hold up well after i have died on level six, ten times, and just want to get back to it.

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