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Brain Games is a series of challenges, riddles and puzzles.
  • Hey guys, I played a cool app on my iphone called 'Brain Trainer'...but then I saw it costs I made my own in Construct naturally

    I copied one of their 'brain training' games... but i think by mentioning them above it should be fine...

    Anyways, basically you have to remember the previous symbol, and when you confirm if it was the same or different to the previous symbol, it moves onto the next symbol, then you have to say if that symbol is the same as the one you had just looked at, etc.

    Its pretty self explainitory, and you play it for 20 seconds and then your told how many you got right, wrong, and ur accuracy.

    <img src="">



    Enjoy and post your scores

  • I got 31 Correct and 1 wrong

    Apparently if you keep playing this over and over again you get better and your brain gets smarter

    "Used for:

    Thinking faster

    Faster reaction time

    Speeding up cognitive processes"

  • Oh as a cool little bonus, you might notice when the symbol flies past that it changes to a 'blurred' image. This is exactly what motion blur does automatically, but since I know that the symbol moves at a fixed speed, i pre-blurred it in photoshop and thus when the symbol flies past it looks smooth!

  • The CAP file seems not to work for me (Ver. 62 - New) It writes "Out of memory"!

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  • Yeah, we need to push a newer stable release, most people don't seem to notice or trust the 0.99.85

  • Yeah, we need to push a newer stable release, most people don't seem to notice or trust the 0.99.85

  • Okay I'll add an exe to the main post as well

  • Pretty fun My "legit" score is 25 correct, 0 wrong. However, I think I found a bug as I managed to get 66 correct and only 7 wrong by just mashing the same direction very fast (and it seems the faster you do it, the less likely you are to get it wrong).

  • Pretty neat. My best legit is 30 correct, 0 wrong. Using the bug mentioned above, I got 68 correct, 2 wrong on the second try.

  • Very nice little game! Didn't manage to get more than 31 right so far (with 0 wrong of course). Don't think i can push it much more though...

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