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  • Demo

    Demo Mirror

    Bored... made Boxland.

    Screenshots will come.

    Left & Right to Move

    Up to Jump! It drains up to half of your action bar.

    Left click to force yourself in the direction of mouse, drains the rest.

    Right click to rotate at fast speeds, doesn't drain a thing.

    Give me opinions, what I can improve on, and what I could lose?

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  • rule/step #1- make a intuitive way to exit your game before posting. Aside from the good old fashion Ctrl alt delete. Seems to be the most overlooked thing in early releases of games.

    Interesting take on a physics platformer.

    The simple shapes and colors have an interesting digital feel. It needs more�pizzazz... Although I take it was originally intended to just be a way to play around with the physics in construct.

    At first the overall goal of the game seemed missing. What are you trying to do? I assume get to the other side, but when you get there you just fly off the edge. Due to the floating state of the world it took me a while before I realized I was supposed to double back to reach the finish and be assured all I did was waste my life.

    the demo was pretty void of enemy's. and all they did was push me, I�m assuming there bad guys since there red and called bad pucks, but maybe there loving family members trying to keep me from committing suicide by running off of the edge of the level. Seeing as at this point that�s all you can ,and inevitably will, do.

    The gravity is pretty weak, if you time it right you can fly across the entire level, is pretty fun, but how the levels set up, It doesn�t seem like I�m suppose to. Maybe make the force bar recharge while on the ground.

    I�m interested in seeing how far you take this game. Seems like if you spend some more time with it, it could be a fun game.

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