Blind Redux

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    This was my entry for the Game Jolt Minimal Contest.

    Note that this game was a big test. I'd like other's opinions on it. It's strange and might take a little time to understand. heh

    You can download Blind Redux from Game Jolt here.

    Some Background

    I guess this game probably requires some explanation. You see, I'm a programmer. I don't do art or graphics. Just a straight up programmer. I wanted to make a game, but I couldn't be bothered with making any artwork for it. Also, because of the love for platformers in the indie world, I wanted to make a platformer. So, what does one in my situation do? Simple. He makes a Text-Based Platformer.

    How Does it Work

    There are absolutely no graphics in this game besides straight up white text. There is no styling done to the fonts besides different sizing. This is NOT a text adventure game. It's a platformer. There are points in the world that are designated by how far the player character is from them. There is no graphical view of the character. You must figure out his position by figuring he's in the middle of the view somewhere, and by the distance between various points in the world. You should be able to figure it out when you're in the game.


    Left and Right to move

    Z jumps

    X to proceed to next dialogue screen in cutscenes

    Be sure to move slowly if you want to catch all the dialogue and events

  • Sadist.

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  • I played your game through, and the ending was pretty funny

  • Wow, really, Davio? I'd love to see it. Any possible way you'd be able to find it on the 'net?

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