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  • Hi! Here is a small game I have created. It has 20 levels to play.

    Graphics, music and sounds are specially designed and composed for this game.

    Sound and music is more retro style to match the small graphics.


    Click here to download the game. (v1.02) ... 0v1.02.rar


    Use arrow keys to move around.

    Space - drop bomb

    Shift - blow up bombs that you have placed.

    Escape - Restart level (But you will lose a life and 800 points.)

    S key - Mute music

    R key - Unmute music

    Enemies getting in contact with the bomb, will be blown to peaces! No need for shift there.

    Player is imune to bombs. So you can't blow yourseft up

    Some walls need to be destroyed by the bombs. Then you must set your charge and press Shift.

    Pressing F1 ingame will show you all help you need.



    The download link has been updated aswell as the game, now v1.02! Read the readme file included to see the changes in detail.

    Some to be mentioned:

    Updated graphics, better menu and help screen, bombs now cost 800 points to use, and added peas for extra enjoyment and points to collect Animations to player and enemies added.

    Sound can now be disabled/enabled thru the menu. You can now unmute music with R key

    S to mute. Adjusted the ingame music volume to a more pleasant level. (Now you even can hear the sound effects.

  • Simple enough but fun. Nice work!

    Maybe add a timer and a point bonus based on how quickly you beat each level? It would add a little more challenge in trying to get the highest score possible.

    Maybe also a bonus for *not* using bombs?

  • Thank you Caspis, glad you enjoy it

    Nice idea about the timer, I like it alot. It will add much more replay value into it! Also making it more rewarding the less bombs you use. It will make the game even more fun and challenging. I also want to add a highscore table. But later.

    Your ideas will be added to my next version

  • That isn't half bad. I like it. Nice sounds and the music carries the spirit of the 8-bit era

    A couple of proposals:

    1) Add an option to change the volume of the sounds/music. I played with headset and the music was way too loud.

    2) Integrate an about screen instead of a message box. It would add to the atmosphere.

    3) Make the enemies more "lively". Even if they just move their eyes.

    4) The start screen is a bit drab. Maybe you could pep up the buttons, add some art to the background, something like that.

    5) For the HUD, why not using icons for all the parameters instead of only the bomb?

    6) Although I like the music, the loop is too short if it's the only one you will hear throughout the game.

    7) Music muting via "s"-key should unmute as well.

    ...and add some peas

  • Thanks

    Nice feedback, that's what makes a game good eventually Ideas and improvements from the community.

    I know the music is loud, and I'm currently working on more melodies to add in the next version. As well as leveltimers and icons instead of text.

    I will make more animations to the enemies, and a better about and help screen.

    The S-key was added at an easy way out, and isn't really a sound option.

    I'll try to make a settings menu from the main menu, that players can alter sound and music settings.

    In the future I'm going to add a highscore table and even more levels.

    Back to work

  • Added some improvements, read the main post for details.

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  • I'm currently working on Bitz & Peas 2 now. It'll be more challenging and have more levels than this. Will soon upload some screens for it. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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