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  • I was looking back over my old projects from construct the other day. and decided some of them were worth showing, if for no other reason than to show how amazing Construct classic was...

    For starters here's my Meta project. SkyWar

    This was my attempt at a magnum opus, i originally came up with the idea shortly after i first started using construct. and it was the final project i worked on in Construct.

    its over a year old now. and since then I’ve moved onto hardcoding in Unity. more because it just made more sense for my ridiculous ideas than anything else.

    The goal was to make a game like Escape Velocity, or X. But instead of traveling amongst the stars in a spaceship, you would be flying planes/hovercrafts/Zeppelins With customizable ships systems to various islands on a world covered mostly by water. Trading, Bounty Hunting, Mining Ext. With a top down view, like GTA2.

    But to explore the islands and mine in the beginning you would actually get out of your craft and walk around, fighting monsters and pirates. latter you would control a squad of troops rts style. to build your own island city. or to invade other islands to take them over.

    And All with a simple accessible mouse driven control system.

    As you’ll see, i was quite aways from my ultimate goal. But my approach was to tackle each challenge individually with mockups or “simpler” games before combining the whole mess once construct reached V1.0 and was stable enough for a large project . And to my credit I systematically did overcome all the largest challenges:

    Procedurally generated “Large” 3D islands

    Normal lighting

    Basic point based 3d physics / collisions

    Customizable Ship interior’s

    Custom multi unit A* pathfinding,

    Node Based Data Storing, for the “Galaxy” map.

    Ground Unit 3d Los.

    Unit Cover seeking Ai.

    3d texture tile maps

    3d shadow distortions

    Sub 3d Arrays, (for 3d building collisions and such)

    Basic Ai for large amounts of ships (the same object as the player) to battle each other (100+)

    And Various Complex menu systems.

    Sadly, about this time checking some of the last major challenges off my list, the Construct creators announced they had abandoned the system i was using to make all this. and a real stable Version 1.0 would never actually happen....

    I was pretty upset....

    Anyways, I guess my point is if anybody wants to pick up the pieces, or just would like to know how i accomplished some of this stuff. just PM me, i'll be happy to give you the .Caps, and what knowledge i can offer.

    This first bach is just the actual 3d terrain and flying stuff. but as i can ill show off the other games that solved these issues.

  • seems like some cool stuff there... hope you can continue it in C2... I assume none of it applies to C2? I never used CC.

  • jobel

    If there's some sort of mesh distortion for C2?. i think i saw a polygon plugin on the list somewhere, that could work...the terrain mesh array would be the exact same idea.

    however i imagine it would run extremely slow.

    far too slow for anything practical.

    i kept running into that problem with almost everything i wanted to do in C2 (mostly because i have irrationally large ideas). Its what made me just abandon ship and go over to unity.

    the 3d vector movement/collisions could possibly be useful for an isometric game though. like marble madness. but i got a better game to demonstrate that stuff.

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  • This is quite an ambitions design idea Bartosh. Are you coding in unity because your game design ideas are heading towards 3d?

  • This is quite an ambitions design idea Bartosh. Are you coding in unity because your game design ideas are heading towards 3d?

    Yeah, basically. I was spending way too much time re-inventing the wheel.

    That and a lot of my ideas require lots of stored data and/or processor intensive algorithms, which C2 didn't really seem like it was built for.

    In its defence i don't think CC was built to do so either.

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