As Aventuras do Jorginho (Jorginho Adventures)

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  • This is my first game made in construct, is a simple and fun platform game where the charecter is a camel, this is a pre-alpha version of the game. It has no enemies and is very easy (for now) this 1st level I made is to make the player used to the controls and to the game style, and mostly to show you that. Anyway here is the game file: ... 0a1ae8665a

    I hope you enjoy this little game.

    I apretiate constructive criticism, any feedback will be welcomed

  • This is a good start for a Jump'n'Run game. I like the bright and colorful world (which is waiting to be filled with enemies) and you have a nice waterfall effect in there as well.

    The walking animation still felt too jaggy, seems like it needs more frames to it.

    Another minor thing: the color of the camel seems to be pretty similar to your basic ground color. Personally I'd prefer if it was more like in the title screen, where the camel is brighter and the color tone is more yellowish than redish.

    So are you planning on stuff like jump pads and powerups? Hopefully so. Looking forward to upcoming updates.

  • Thanks for the reply

    I might follow some of your advices xD.

    I will change the colour of the camel, you're right, should be brighter.

    The only power-up I will probably put will be running, maybe something else, and I will probably put some jump-pads.

    I'm glad you liked the waterfall effect xD, was pretty easy to do

    I'll put some enemies on the game but not much xD.

    I'm glad you enjoyed thanks!

    I want this game to be very fast, so the player keep running and running to finnish the game, for example I will put some levels where you keep falling and cathing yellow balls.

  • This can turn into a good platformer, you should add those elements soon to improve the gameplay, but so far I like the graphics (particle waterfalls and moving grass, yay!)

    Bom jogo cara, continue nessa!

  • Obrigado

    I didn't do anything since the last update, I'm working on other project (chronicles of the middle age) but I will continue this one, since it's a game for my work xD.

    I'm glad you liked, I will continue it soon

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  • I recommend you take the path conker did in conker's BFD. Turn this game into an extremely violent, raunchy, and hilarious exploit of an otherwise happy and friendly character.

  • Can't do that xD

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