Automatic Clipboard Screenshot Saver

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    The zip contains the cap file as well as an exe.

    This makes saving those printscreen or alt-printscreen screenshots quick and easy.

    When you copy image data to the clipboard, or take a screenshot with printscreen or alt-printscreen, Screenshot Saver will automatically pull it out of the clipboard, save it as a PNG in the directory it's in, and clear the clipboard.

    It is saved under a filename like "2009-10-23 16;44;05.png". YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM-SS. Nice and easy for alphabetical sorting.

    The "Enable" button controls whether or not it automatically pulls clipboard image data out and saves a PNG.

    When "Sound" is depressed, it will play a sound when a PNG is successfully saved.

    "Paste" pastes from the clipboard and saves a PNG. The clipboard is not emptied in this case.

    "Clear" empties the clipboard. I had to fill that space with something.

    When first ran, Enable and Sound aren't depressed by default, just in case you have image data in the clipboard right then that you don't want pulled out and saved. When you use those buttons, though, their state is saved to an ini in the program's directory.

    Do feel free to take the cap, rip it apart, modify it, use it and re-use it in projects.

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  • oh wow, an app for once.

    Pretty useful! Would be cooler with graphics though, so I might just have a crack at modding it.

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