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    Audia is my latest release.

    It's not really a game; it's more like a free-form musical playground.

    Songs can be composed and saved, and new sample libraries can be added very easily.

    Have fun with it!

    Hold F1 in game for instructions.

  • This one look so good.

  • Looks like the sort of thing i'd like

    However, very strangely when i try and open it (after extracting the entire folder) I get:

    "An unexpected error occured and the app was terminated. We apoloogise blah blah.

    Please report this problem to the app dev." (without the shorthand)

  • I'm getting the same error

  • Hmm, I'm not sure what might be causing it. I tried downloading it to test if the zip got corrupted, and it seems to work correctly here. Can anyone else confirm the error? Try unblocking it and running it as administrator if you're on vista, that's the only thing I can think of.

  • On Vista here.

    Works here with no problems.

    Excellent idea/toy Davioware, it's great fun, reminds me of my Primary (Elementary to my American cousins) School days jamming using home made instruments & no msucical talent.

  • Works fine for me too.

  • Worked fine here, too, Davio. I know Blargh had the problem that the others were having, though.

    I have Windows 7, he has XP.

  • This is neat . You have a good selection of samples, and the control over the sounds is pretty impressive.

    Manipulating the elements is kind of tricky, though. Especially rotating notes. You start rotating and it rotates away from the mouse and suddenly you don't have control any more. I think bigger "handles" on the objects would be nice, like a circle that pops up around the center when you hover over something and as long as the mouse is in that circle you can control it.

    Or perhaps you click on an object to select it and it gives you transform handles to manipulate it. Clicking something else or right-clicking would make the transform widgets disappear.

    Also, I'd think it'd be neat to have a bit of a timeline control in the hud. A bar that sweeps across or something. Then you could toggle a spawner or a note on and off, and when the timeline reaches that point it will toggle that item accordingly. I couldn't really make anything except simple loops, and being able to turn elements on or off automatically over time would allow you to create more song-like arrangements. I dunno, just an idea

    Oh yeah, and obviously it worked fine for me. I'm on XP. Maybe it's a shader thing?

  • It's a new renderer issue, sprite error. Some computers support it(new render), others don't.

    For those who gets error when trying to launch preview while working in Construct 0.94+ - don't add sprites, try to add some canvases or boxes or something else, then try to launch Construct and the preview will launch for sure. That's not a solution, I'm just trying to point out that it's a sprite bug - add a sprite and then launch debug mode and you'll see that yourself. I really envy guys who don't get errors like this and really eager to try "Audia" (it's really interesting to see your new stuff, Davio, I also liked the old "Bit Fortress" builds) and I'm sure many other guys who has the same error are willing to test it so I'm yelling about this bug a lot. Oh btw Happy New coming Year, guys!

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  • I dont know if it is. Because a couple of people complained about having this error with my game Lucidity.. But obviously it works fine on my PC, whereas Davio's game doesn't...

  • I'll test your game then.

    EDIT: didn't work.

    EDIT: hey, I like the music! Sounds relaxing!

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