Asteroids(With Vector Graphics!)

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  • Yeah, I know, Asteroids has been cloned a thousand times, but this was done mostly as a contest between me and my brothers; he said he could make Space Invaders in Flash in under two hours, and I said that I could make Asteroids with vector graphics before he could finish that. I ended up losing by five minutes.

    Anyways, this took approximately 1 and a half hours to make originally, then I spent another 3-4 hours polishing it up and adding a score screen(which actually took longer than the game itself). So, here are the features(not much):

    • From Asteroids ship movement
    • Basic vector graphics engine
    • Semi-randomly generate asteroids
    • Increasing difficulty
    • Online high-scores
    • Authentic arcade feel!


    Download Asteroids


    Thrust: Up arrow

    Turn: Left and right arrows

    Fire: Space

    Confirm name(for high-scores): Enter

    I'd just like to point out that it might not run well for some people. It uses alot of canvas drawing, which really isn't all that fast. It should run fine for most, though.

    Anyways, post with your feedback, and be sure to let me know of any bugs that you find, or even any features that you might like to see.

  • cool, i imagine it draws everything using image points on sprites?

    i bet you couldve won if you didnt get distracted by that explosion effect.

    and flash suckz for games so you autowin

  • Thanks. I used lines drawn between image points for the text, but the asteroids and ship were done by rotating vertices around a center point and drawing lines between them. Basically the same method as my 3D model thingy.

  • Wow that's awesome man! Just like the real thing, I suck at both so it MUST be very similar to the original.

    It crashed when I tried to sumbit my score though for some reason. Asteroids.exe has stopped working, Windows is check ing for a problem etc etc. Running Vista Home Premium...

    Anyway, well done


  • Thanks, Soldja. I don't know why it would crash, but it might be because of the way the scores are retrieved. Your score was received, though.

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  • Thanks, Soldja. I don't know why it would crash, but it might be because of the way the scores are retrieved. Your score was received, though.

    Weird :/

    I'll no doubt give it another go later, I'll let you know if it crashes again.


  • Nice

    It's very authentic, with just a couple of exceptions. The original doesn't have reverse thrust, and I believe there were UFO's to shoot for bonus points. Other than that, very cool.

    One thing I did notice, there's a text box thing that pops up on the scoreboard so I can't see my own name when I get the high score (which I've done twice now )

    Oh, and level 4 is pretty ridiculous, what with so many asteroids flying at your face right from the start. The difficulty ramps up a bit too fast. But like I said, overall it's quite nice.

  • Thanks, deadeye. I'll try and get an update version up later.

    The difficulty is a tricky thingy to balance out properly, but I'll see what I can do about it.

  • Quite a nice little game man! Almost authentic apart from what deadeye pointed out. Also, there seems to be a problem with the hiscore table. Some blank scores etc. Also, might be a good idea to have the hiscores selectable from the main screen?

  • Thanks, man. Are you talking about the highscores that have the name of "blank"? I put those there to fill out the highscore table until there were actual scores.

    By the way, did you get the highscore? There doesn't seem to be a name associated with it.

  • I think I put my name as "proc" or "lazysod"

    Yeah I just couldn't see my name there and the blank scores had no score assigned. Maybe something corrupted on its way back to me or something.

  • Yeah, there not meant to have a score. They were just there to get the amount of high-scores up to 10 before real scores took their place. By the way, your name is now attached to your score.

    Anyways, NEW VERSION TIME! I've made some improvements, which you can see below:

    -Enemy ships now fly across the stage occasionally

    -Four shots can now be on one screen at the same time(just like the real game)

    -Difficulty goes up more slowly now

    -Highscores can now be accessed from the main menu

    -Score can now only be submitted once(yes, you could submit it multiple times before. )

    -Editbox obscuring top score has been moved out of the visible area

    Download Asteroids v1.1

    Tell me if you spot any problems with this version, as I'm not quite sure I tested everything.

  • Damn, this version is actually more challenging because the enemy ships mean you can't just stay in one spot

    One glitch: When you enter your name for the high score, the name you type remains on the screen after the list start to fill in, so they overlap.

  • Blah, fixed the text bug.

  • argh I got just over 20,000 but it didn't save the hiscore! My arms hurt like hell! haha

    This version is sweet.. it makes you work for those points from the start. If memory serves, the players bullets would wrap around the sides too in the original. That might help ease the difficulty at least!

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