Artwork: StarFox Genesis

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  • I've been using this little pet fan project as a learning experience. You can see my development journal in the Documentation Project board. However, my primary occupation is a graphic artist. Below is a small sample of art, all of which has been made from scratch specifically for the game. Most of it is painstakingly recreated from official cannon, and the ship design is as close to StarFox 64 as I can remember it.

    More is certainly to come.

    <img src="">

    <img src=""><img src=""><img src="">

    <img src=""><img src="">

  • that's cooool!

  • Very nice I remember Lylat Wars on the N64... hehe, good game!

  • Yep, It has that starfox feel allright!

    I remember playing the first starfox on snes...

    Ooooh those days.

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  • The SNES one is the gameplay I'm trying to achieve - but in 2D. I feel Star Fox (or Lylat Wars, for countries that don't mind Star Wars cross referencing confusions) has gone downhill as it has evolved. What's wrong with creating a stright-up scrolling shooter these days? Or just maybe, making a game that people over 7 years of age can enjoy?

  • I thought Star Fox Adventures was the best one

    I know... blasphemy. But it's true.

  • That was fun. But I don't consider it in the same genre.

  • Yeah, when i first got my GC with my first game for it, Star fox adventures, i was not disappointed the slightest, and enjoyed it greatly, though some missions, even with the kid like help system were slightly ambiguous.

    I know your trying to achieve the old school look, but i reckon it would be really cool if you made a game like SF:Adventures on GC, that would probably be a game i would actually play from start to finish that is 2D

  • When I get a team of 50+ people to tackle a game as huge as a quasi action rpg, I'll consider it.

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