Aria of Destiny(Tenative) - Platformer *WIP, seriously*

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  • Yeah, they're sin movement.

    [quote:2jht58yg]One time I spawned with Julius Belmont inside the walls in the sonic level.

    Btw press S on you become SONIC himself.

    You must have been lagging, methinks... As for the S key, that's a debug key I forgot to remove. XD I'll remove it when I get the time.

    [quote:2jht58yg]Ah, and I don't think Belmont should be moving while he's attacking with the whip.

    Well, I'll see what I can do about that.

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  • Yo man, great update! I'll check it out after class!

    Bonus points for Crono Trigger sprites

  • <img src="">

    Re-did Crono's slash, now it's more close-combat rather than an energy slash. (Yes, the hotspot is off, shut up.)

    Okay, ADVERTISMENT MODE GO! I am looking for someone or two to help out with the sprites and animations. Both of these take up too much of my time that I could be using programming the actual game. If someone could help out, it would be much, much appreciated!


    <img src="">

    The sixth character, Bass! (No, he doesn't have a mugshot on the HUD, I haven't fully finished him yet.)


    That's right, Sage is in town, and I have a booth. And a new demo!

  • [quote:21xguz2n]The Guardia Castle Dungeon was more or less directly inspired by Chrono Trigger. Except CT is a top-down RPG. Which makes using its backgrounds nigh-impossible for this purpose. So I decided to have it done from scratch. Except I'm a terrible artist, so I needed to have someone else do it. Eventually, I was forced to turn towards the only avenue I had. My mother. STOP LAUGHING!

    Whoah... you got your mother to help you make your game?

    You have one cool mom.

  • Just checked out your SAGE release. Under WINE. It works, but I'm not sure I'd call it playable. Controls don't seem to like you pressing more than one key at a time and music is doubling up. Going to give it a try under the virtual(box) 2K and see what happens.

  • The doubling up thing is a geniune bug, nothing that kills the playability though, but I can't figure it out myself. The controls... That's strange. It should be perfectly fine, unless you're playing it wrong.

    [quote:md8jywoh]Whoah... you got your mother to help you make your game?

    You have one cool mom.

    Well, she can do some art, though she's terrible at drawing characters, lol.

  • Controls could just be a WINE thing. Haven't tried it under actual Windows yet.

  • The controls are still a bit buggy in the sense that pressing multiple buttons can cause undesired behavior. You notice this for example when jumping then whipping with Julius and not releasing the whip button until after you've landed on the ground. Or if the whip button is held, the jump animation becomes the standing or walking animation. These are small things and adding the right button release and ground landing functions should remove all of these.

    I haven't tried that much yet, but some things I've noticed:

    • you have to press up or down twice to change the direction you go through the switches with in the entry screen.
    • the first save point somehow didn't seem to work for me...
    • mana upgrades (the only ones I've found till now) crash the game (better said: I just might be to stupid to have the game continue, but I've pushed most every button :/ )
    • Sonic's slipping physics are so strong that it's highly disturbing to play with him... worse than any ice level in other games
    • vertically moving platforms make the character shake (shouldn't be to hard to correct if the platform forces characters on it to move or something... :/ )
    • music (but that was mentioned)
    • I still need to find out how I managed to produce the bug that made all springs stop working... pressing the whip button seemed to relieve the bug though... interesting glitch though...

    that's some problems for now.

    Personally I'd prefer Sonic's Genesis (like from sonic and knuckles) animations, but that's personal preference.

    Good proceeding on the project here. There's still a way to go, but things look promising.

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