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  • I'm not entirely sure, but I think this may be the first serious attempt at a databse program using Construct.

    Just as a note: The program creates an INI file on the C: root directory called POS.ini which can be deleted after you are done playing with it if you want. When you create your first customer entry, I think it is not assigned a number... this will be fixed soon. I will be expanding the capabilites of the program to handle stock/inventory control, as well as a customer invoice system.

    I hope you guys like it so far.

    Also, there will be a major GUI facelift once I get more of the layout completed... so for now it looks rather simple and uninteresting.

    Have fun, and post any bugs you find if any (I hope there aren't any!).


  • Oh wow pos, did not see that coming.

  • Oh wow pos, did not see that coming.

    Hopefully it will be fully functional soon. I plan on using this commercially (it's for a client) so any new releases from now will be in EXE format, but I thought a cap would be good to help anyone who wants to know how it works on the basic level.

    I am kinda figuring this out as I go along myself, so any help I can provide to anyone else who wants to try this stuff out is my pleasure.

    I take it that it worked ok for you newt?


  • Yep made customer # 1 Chris Kringle

  • Ahhh very cool. Very similar to the prototype I was working on to see if it would be completely possible in Construct.

  • Project is currently on hold.

    Customer may be looking at purchasing a copy of Retail Manager for really cheap... but if he can't get it then I will be pushed back on to this.

    Bit of a bummer really... will be some good money if it goes through. I just have to wait a few days until he gets back to me with a definite "keep going" or "don't worry about it."

    If anything, I learned something and posted a cap that may help others as well


  • Ah, that's too bad. But I guess it's a good thing I hadn't started drawing the UI yet

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  • Ah, that's too bad. But I guess it's a good thing I hadn't started drawing the UI yet

    Yeah I was hoping to catch you in the chat box to let you know... but you had just left when I logged on D:

    I'm pretty sure I will still end up making this anyway... if anything, I may be able to use it myself in the future, or even sell it as a basic retail solution.

    For now though... back to Chamber.

    As soon as the December update arrives, I want to test out this bone system thing and see whether it's gonna do what we want for our character.

    Talk to you about that more though in the "proper" area.


  • Well at least it gets you the experience.

  • Well at least it gets you the experience.

    My thoughts exactly... I mean chances are, this guy won't want to spend the money on Retail Manager... or he will buy it and won't like it, then I'll be back in the drivers seat.

    At least he called me and told me to hold off just for now so he didn't totally screw me around... this way I won't waste time on it if he doesn't need it when I could be doing more fun stuff.


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