[APPLI] Map Array Editor for Top-Down tiled RPG

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  • Good morning everyone,

    Here is a simple graphical tool to create simple map by using an array. I made it because i'm planning to make some tiled top-down RPG with differents maps so i needed a tool to generate those maps. For now it's quite simple but maybe i will enhanced it more and more to fit my needs.

    It was also for me a first approach to construct possibilities, so maybe it will be useless for most people but not for me .

    I would also credit Construct team, linkman2004 for sprite button addon and pulowski that gives me the idea with his Simple Array Editor example.

    Features :

    • 8 different tiles, each corresponding to one letter
    • Save and Load files from disk
    • Change Layout size (so array size)

    How to use generated file in other construct project :

    • You juste have to load the file in an array on read it to replace letters by sprites, boxes, tiled background or anything. The actual limitation is that you need to know the array size before loading the map (maybe there' a way to avoid this, i've to check).

    Addon needed to edit the .cap : Sprite Button by linkman2004

    Know bug :

    • Reduce the layout size at less than 1024 * 768 will cause part of the menu disappear (so the editor becomes broken)

    Please enjoy it, you can use it and/or enhance it as you want !

    Screen shot link :


    EXE file :


    CAP file :


  • Sounds interesting, but cap file is corrupt for me.

  • Hum yes, some FTP transfer problem.

    CAP is now OK, i reupload also the EXE, it will be finish in some seconds

  • sorry for an offtopic but how you made this minimap?

  • Awesome ! I was just wondering how to make a map editor for my game. But why did you have to go and make the tiles as boxes. You should have made them as objects so we could edit them easier. Thanks a lot anyway.

    Edit: lol I meant sprites not objects.

  • sorry for an offtopic but how you made this minimap?

    Hi, it's pretty simple with the standard minimap object as you just have to 'plot object to color' for each of the object you want to display in an always event (but maybe you can only do it in a event that will correspond to "one tile is changed").

    And yeah i know use boxes is maybe not the best but it's fit my requirement. I was thinking to maybe change it to tiledbackground or sprite but don't have the time for now.

    And you're welcome for any remark or improvement ! I still have a lot of things to learn on Construct.

  • When I change layout size and click "Change layout size" the screen goes black

  • When I change layout size and click "Change layout size" the screen goes black

    That's the problem when you put a width or a height lesser than 1024 * 768, i know think i've a solution but i will not be able to change this this week.

  • This is pretty great!

    I will probably need something like this for a future project of mine.

    Thanks for sharing the .cap

  • A pretty newbish question, but I don't see any button anywhere or option in the array paste thing to load or add the .map file.

    So, how do I do that?

    I love the map editor, though. It's functional and works well, and would make making a tile-based RPG a whole lot easier than CTRL-clicking the tiles you wanted (at least for a guy like me who knows nothing about arrays etc).

  • A pretty newbish question, but I don't see any button anywhere or option in the array paste thing to load or add the .map file.

    So, how do I do that?

    You have an action for array to load it from file (see my .cap thing the event on LoadFile button clicked).

    To explain more precisely how to load a map from those kind of file :

    1. Declare an array and set his size according to the one stored in the file

    2. Use action Array.LoadFile (or something like that, i'm not at home so i can't look in construct).

    3. Read the array with a for each element loop for example and replace each value of the array by a sprite or a box or what you want.

    In a multi-map/level project you surely want to have more than one map file. So to make it a little more dynamic you should create kind of global hash table or ini file that will store the "meta" information for each map :

    • Map1 -> Name = "Bidule" (yes i'm french), width = 2345, Height = 876, mapFile = "bidule.map"
    • Map2 -> Name = "City Of The Death", width = 5433, Height = 4567, mapFile = "deathcity.map"

    So with this information, when you control where your character go you can retrieve all the information needed to load the map using the same layout (so once this "engine" is done if you want to add new map or level you just have to add a line in the hashtable or ini file and create the corresponding map file). I wish i'm clear as i'm not an expert in english language .

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  • Hi, I know It has been a year, but there may be people who also interested like me about this topic.

    First of all I'd like to thank you for this nice example. Than I'd like to ask a question. What if I have 32*32 but also double sized 64*64 (tree)objects. What should I do than ? Do I have to split my sprite to 4 pieces ? But what if another player wants to use this map editor. Is there anyway , if I choose 64*64 object from editor, turn tiles to 64*64 , than if I choose 32 again, turn back to 32 tiles.. If I did it on map editor as theory. What should I do on save and load ?

    Thank you

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