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  • This is the NEW address of the Almost Insane Software site:

  • It seems we have a fair bit in common!

    Your site and games look great, good luck working on them!

  • I got a Malware/Virus warning when i tried to go to your games section.Here's the screenshot.

    <img src="">

  • I'm running on a Mac Book, so I don't know if it is a dangerous page or not. Although, I can say there isn't actually anything on the page yet besides three or so Flash games that I am assuming Almost Insane Games didn't actually make...

  • Well yeah, I don't about the virus thing. I know i didn't put anything on it. Yeah those game aren't mine, it says at the top of the page: Sample games (not made by AIS) so, yeah. I haven't made anything worth puttin' on the site. Heck, I haven't time to work on Down-Fall or the application I'm working on. But the school year's bout over so I'll have all the time to work on 'em then.

  • Granhunter, did you receive my pm about your signature length?

    As per the forum rules, you need to reduce that to three lines of text. Thanks.

    Also, the site itself seems safe enough, that was probably a false positive that DravenX got.

    On a personal note not having to do with forum rules or safety, my opinion is that it's rather odd to have a site for your games in which you put up games that you yourself didn't make, even if you are letting people know that you didn't make them.


    Dear Granhunter: you were taking way too long to change your sig so I changed it for you. I hope you like the new one.

  • I changed it, ok? The reason I made it now, so I can have something to put my games on once I make them. And the site SAS zombie assualt at school is blocked, so it's kinda a personal thing.

  • I'm running Avast antivirus and it blocks me when i click on the 'games tab' on your website?

  • I like the design of the site, but the error comes from content hosted on . If you remove all that content you wont get these errors probably.

  • Thanks Tom, I thought it was ugly

  • Ok I'm sorry for this but I have competely changed my website because WEBSTARTS only gave me 5 pages and 10mb which is a BIG NO-No in my book thank google that I found YOLA because it gives me +1000 mb and I think like 100+ pages. ALthough it's free you won't find any cool website designs unless you go preimum. That's not realy a big deal but one thing WEBSTARTS beats YOLA at is the drag and drop design. Because on Webstarts you can put something Anywhere while in Yola the things you can place are on a grid type thing. Anyway my new address is

  • I merged your post into your old thread. There is no reason to make another. Just make a new post saying you have a new domain name and update your OP.

  • I was meaning to ask an admin if they could delete this thread.

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  • We don't really do that either. Pretty much we only delete spam or hateful remarks.

    Just an FYI.

  • Make sure to join my site, just log on to any of the avaible of options and you will automatically be joined on the site.

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