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  • In an attempt to save lots of space and keep my thread count down some, I've decicded to make a thread for all my projects: applications and games.


    2011 Q2 Projects


    > Down-Fall (PC game/ Paid for/ mainproject)

    A 2d-topdown shooter. The game is my main project and the one I want to make the most

    out of my current projects. I plan to include unlockables via a simple code system and when

    I say unlockables I mean wallpapers, songs, character skins, new scenarios, new onslaught

    maps, new time-attack maps mabye a mini game. At first the game will have 6 scenarios

    with 10 chapters each. 3 onslaught maps, and 3 time-attack maps.

    > Armies of the Night (PC game/ Free-ware/ Secondary project)

    A 2d brawler (beat-em-up) like Streets of Rage. It will only have 5 stages but I'm trying to

    make the stages long, they will be split up into sections. The game will be like a coin-op as

    in it will have a time limit (every kill gives you +5 seconds) credits (10000 poimts=1 credit)

    I realy want to have trackable online scores and online 2p but I'll deal with a long list of

    scores for people to beat and try to have offline 2player.

    > NGP Guide (PSP application/ free-ware/ secondary object)

    A simple application, kinda like a magazine. It will be the NGP's (next generation portable)



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