[Runtime] Construct 2-XNA Runtime Release 2

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  • Hey guys, so ive been away for a while havent done very much with construct, but I feel that it is time to put what I have been learning to use. I have spent quite a bit of time learning XNA so I figured i would try my hand at writing an XNA Runtime for construct. Now I dont really have a whole lot of time at the moment so this is just the product of about 6 hours worth of work during my spring break but it serves as a little proof of concept.

    As of right now the runtime will load your layout settings and sprites in the position the IDE has them. There is no support for events yet and there is only a sprite object at the moment.I really wont have to much time to really work on this until the summer roles around(im just on spring break so I had some time to spare) but I thought I would show you what Ive been working on. This way I can also catch bugs now and not later.

    how it works: Make sure you Have XNA 4.0 installed on your computer as well as .net 4.0. then Simply drop the ConstructX.exe and .dll as well as the plugin folder into the root folder of your cap project. As a note THIS ONLY WORKS WITH THE PROJECT FORMAT. Anyways test it out tell me about any bugs, ill probably put a tracker somewhere or else they will get lost.

    Here is the link with a test project included. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/646160/Construc ... se%202.zip

    you will also need the XNA framework redistributal found here http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/d ... 5c013c3b97

    and please dont bother me for features I really dont have time to do very much once I get back to school. BTW Ashley if you read this I really dont know what to call it but if you have a problem with the name let me know and Ill think of something new.

    Changes with release 2

    [CHANGE]The runtime should be compatible with the redistributals now instead of full installs of both the xna and .net frameworks

    [ADD] If the runtime crashes it should pop up with a message box displaying an error message.

    please test this out and let me know if you can get this working!

  • Wow this sounds nice.

  • I can't get it to run, I installed this but running it doesn't show any window or errors, just a ConstructX.exe process that remains for a few seconds then exits.

    So, is this based on the Construct 2 file format then? Your post makes it sound like a 0.x thing! Still, cool project if it works out!

  • Thats the redistributable so I dont think that would work they cut things out that im using. I think you need to install the full XNA framework. You also need the .net framework 4.0. here is the link for XNA 4.0 http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=197288

    and for the .net Framework go here

    http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/d ... 86f32c0992

    this is based off of the Construct2 file format so Maybe Construct 2X or something like that?

  • Why not just "XNA runtime for Construct 2"?

    I'll try again with those things installed... you should be aware requiring anything at all to be installed before running the game will make a lot of people not bother, as we found with the D3DX setup.

  • Yeah I realize that but these dont really update all that often and ill make sure to have an installer that checks the current version so it will only run if you need it. I mean to show your friends and stuff while your working is a pain in the butt but once you have a final version it should hopefully work on the xbox so no installing needed, but I need to make sure that all the calls are supported by the xbox cause it does use reflection and im not sure how much of that is supported on Xbox.

  • I installed both those, and now it crashes after a few seconds after I launch it still without showing anything. I'm running it on my Win7 laptop, are you supposed to move it to an XBox first? (I don't have one so I can't run it at all if so! )

  • What does it have in the layout. It might crash if it has anything other than a sprite atm cause I havent had time to make the mouse, text, and keyboard plugins. im also adding in code to take care of that.

  • Nothing, I'm just running your example with all files extracted.

  • hmmmm strange.... there are a few possibilities. I made a few mistakes when I started the project but I have a new build im working on so maybe that will fix some problems. it uses the 4.0 client profile instead of the full 4.0 which might solve your problem.

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  • Whatever you do, don't give up. I would love to see this pan out. An xna runtime would be a Godsend.

  • Release 2 is out. These are pretty minor changes but I want to see people getting this running before I add more to it.

  • So how's development on the xna runtime been going?

  • I just gave it a try and it worked just fine :) I do hope you continue work on this project as the ability to export to XNA would open up some fantastic possibilities for Construct developers. I only know a little C# but would love to put my work on the XBox Indie Marketplace.

  • Two sprites shown up. Cewl it works! :) Magician, aren't ya? :D Can't wait this runtime to grow up into something ultra awesome too! :)

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