[PLUGIN] Input System v0.96b (21/03/2011): Keyb+Mouse+Joy

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  • sglorz, the plugin is fantastic and provides the dev with plenty of useful options - great thanks for that! By the way, I have a small question - does it support a Xbox 360 controller? I'm considering buying one and am just curious if I could easily integrate it with my project via the Input System.

  • Yes, bitworks. The plugin supports the xbox 360 controller, the ps3 controller, the ps4 controller, and it also works with logitech extreme 3d pro joysticks as well. I'm sure it'll probably work with other controllers but I haven't tested some of the others.

  • TunaUppercut, I'm overJOYed to hear that! :) I thought using DirectX to retrieve the input allows this, but I had to be sure. Thank you for the info!

  • Alright, it seems to work just fine with an XBox Controller, but... Is the ForceFeedback really supported? It shows N/A on InputSystem.GetJoystickFFCapabilities() and does not vibrate at all when ordered to. Hm. Any experience with that?

    Also, I'm using it on a Win7 system, and I've heard that there's some XInput / DirectInput hassle. Don't really know what to make of it.

  • I'm not sure if forcefeedback actually works. Last I heard even sglorz wasn't sure if it worked properly.

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  • Yeah, upon further investigation and a visit to Microsoft webpage it seems that it's impossible - the newer version of pad input on Windows Vista and newer is not DirectX but rather something called XInput. In theory it's less clunky and more cross-platform friendly (think XBox -> PC ports and vice versa). But that also means that some features are disabled for DirectX input, vibrations / FF being one.

    Fun fact: the XBox360Controller plugin for CC works well, I was able to use ForceFeedback (quite simple, but still) with that. So InputSystem for all the input stuff, XBox360Controller plugin for vibrating the pad, Python script for fast controller mapping and voila! Works like a charm. :)

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