[PLUGIN] Input System v0.96b (21/03/2011): Keyb+Mouse+Joy

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  • I've been trying to do saving and loading through the ini plugin with no luck. I get one control working and that's it.

  • This is nice!! <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • can i use my Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro (15 PIN) from 1995 for this?

  • Hey, if anyone was trying to use INIs with Input System, I got this covered. Okay so this is what you gotta do.

    Okay if you look at the strings that the plugin exports, they look like this..

    attack,1,{CC909B30-8BD8-11DF-8001-444553540000},1,Button 3special,1,{CC909B30-8B... etc etc etc

    Whats really going on is there is a line break in there that doesn't display properly in note pad (though if you use something decent, it'll show up correctly). Anyways, there are linebreaks.

    attack,1,{CC909B30-8BD8-11DF-8001-444553540000},1,Button 3 (LINEBREAK HERE) special,1,{CC909B30-8B... etc etc etc

    In notepad, it won't look like anything, but you if you move your arrow keys through the string, you'll notice you'll need to press an arrow twice where the linebreak is (it's like an invisible character that doesn't behave well when importing ini values.

    Either way, SELECT THAT (shift+Arrow) and copy it.

    Basically then, when you save the input string to the ini file, do...

    replace(global('InputSystem.GetControlConfigData'), "
    ", "*")

    Paste that linebreak character where the code jumps a line and it'll look like that. It looks dumb, it works. When you load the ini file value, just do the opposite replace and shazam, you bypassed the troublesome character. Now you won't have to use the binary object and the ini object or deal with the binary objects glitchy behavior.

    I know this isn't the best explanation, so if someone needs help, I'll try and make an example.

  • Hi, everyone! Sorry for my English. Help me please, how can i made ForceFeeback in this plugin? I have joypad XBOX 360. Can you show me tutorial or example? <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Necro!

    But with a really, really simple and desperate question.

    This plugin is amazing and is doing everything I need it to do.

    Except for one thing:

    I can't have multiple controllers at once, which I need for my game.

    I can set all the control presets, but they all apply only to Controller #1 and if I change the preset controller they all apply to that one instead, but I can't figure out how to have multiple controllers all with their own preset controls.

    I'm really low on time. Anyone help me out?

  • I read before on this thread you need create a multiple intances of inputSystem, if i'm not wrong... to manage multiples controllers... anyway you must read prev entries...

  • I did read through the whole thread, attempting to find the answer, and it wasn't clear. That, and the examples only are set for one controller.

    But that does make sense, thanks.

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  • I've been using this extensively for the last little while, and it works almost perfectly, but the things that don't work are proving difficult to deal with.

    Wondering if anyone who's made use of it can help me out.

    I have key setup for 4 players. All of them get 9 key assignments each with their own InputSystem object. These keys aren't really meant to be used, but they're so people can map their non-x360 controllers with joy2key. or they can be used in a pinch.

    Anyway, for player 1, all of the controls are assigned properly. For all the rest, only the first four work. They're all identical, with the only difference being the selected keys. I've tried reordering, reassigning, and nothing seems to work at all. They just don't get assigned as they should.

    Here's an image that shows what I'm doing in the code and which ones work (green) and don't work (red). Changing the preset joystick does nothing, so they're all just 1 here.

    It also shows what my program input setup looks like on the left.

    I know the answer is within reach, but I can't seem to think it out.

    Here's a thing to note. I reassigned P2's Move Right to use the D key (which I know works.) It worked. I then reassigned P2's Shoot Right to use the D key. It didn't work.

  • Does this plugin removes the mouse lag, that appears using Vsync and the need for a system cursor replacement plugin?

  • Maybe R0j0s post will help you, if I understand your problem right.


    edit: Here's an example, it loads the "loading cursor" from win7. link

  • Thanks, just what I need :)

  • Hello

    How can I set the option to press a button to stop the gamepad?

    On the keyboard there but that function does not exist in the plugin

    <img src="http://img16.imageshack.us/img16/816/butonh.png" border="0" />

    Could you please send an example?

    Sorry my english =S

  • Pls help! i do not need control customization. I just need default usage of any connected gamepad ingame to control simple platform game. Pls help i have no idea how to do this. When i try to delete some stuff from the example project is crushing. Sorry for my english pls help.

  • Here is default usage of a xbox 360 controller. You may need to alter the events button numbers or position depending on the type of controller you are using.

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