Not Enough Video Memory...256MB card!

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  • I've been playing around with my 1st project since doing the 2 recommended Tutorials and I've got into a situation where I can not Preview or run a compiled version of my project.

    The error message states that I do not have enough Video Memory for 6.05MB of Textures, 0.00 and Total of 6.05MB. Although I'm using a laptop, it has a Go7600 256MB dedicated GDDR3 memory, and the system has 2GB RAM.

    I am able to open any editor within the IDE and load multiple .cap files without issue.

    I'm running XP Pro SP2, Construct 0.98.9

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    My project has ALOT of text fields, grid co-ordinates should the player want to see them, and changing the Applications' Text Rendering from Antialiased to Clear Type seems to have done the trick.

  • Hmm, that's interesting.

    I wouldn't have thought that anti-aliasing the text would use up too much memory, even with a lot of text fields.

    Maybe the Devs would be interested in hearing about this.


  • It is NOT fixed if antialiased text still consumes abnormal amounts of VRAM. You just used a workaround.

  • Yeah, this problem should be reported. Can you add a bug report to the tracker with a .cap file?

  • I decided to investigate and test things out before taking the step of reporting a bug, and I have found that today Text Antialiasing, on or off, makes no difference to running a preview/debug instance.

    Today removing 45 or so small, about 1.1K each, sprites off the layout makes the difference.

    I also note that Construct ties up an additional 200MB of RAM after each Preview/Debug instance, and explorer.exe is tying up 50% CPU after the first Preview/Debug instance. Shutting each of these processes, construct and explorer, is necessary to release the resources.

    I think my XP may be screwed and its time for a re-install...

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