Not Enough Video Memory...256MB card!

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  • I've been playing around with my 1st project since doing the 2 recommended Tutorials and I've got into a situation where I can not Preview or run a compiled version of my project.

    The error message states that I do not have enough Video Memory for 6.05MB of Textures, 0.00 and Total of 6.05MB. Although I'm using a laptop, it has a Go7600 256MB dedicated GDDR3 memory, and the system has 2GB RAM.

    I am able to open any editor within the IDE and load multiple .cap files without issue.

    I'm running XP Pro SP2, Construct 0.98.9


    My project has ALOT of text fields, grid co-ordinates should the player want to see them, and changing the Applications' Text Rendering from Antialiased to Clear Type seems to have done the trick.

  • Hmm, that's interesting.

    I wouldn't have thought that anti-aliasing the text would use up too much memory, even with a lot of text fields.

    Maybe the Devs would be interested in hearing about this.


  • It is NOT fixed if antialiased text still consumes abnormal amounts of VRAM. You just used a workaround.

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  • Yeah, this problem should be reported. Can you add a bug report to the tracker with a .cap file?

  • I decided to investigate and test things out before taking the step of reporting a bug, and I have found that today Text Antialiasing, on or off, makes no difference to running a preview/debug instance.

    Today removing 45 or so small, about 1.1K each, sprites off the layout makes the difference.

    I also note that Construct ties up an additional 200MB of RAM after each Preview/Debug instance, and explorer.exe is tying up 50% CPU after the first Preview/Debug instance. Shutting each of these processes, construct and explorer, is necessary to release the resources.

    I think my XP may be screwed and its time for a re-install...

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