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  • im trying to make a smooth camera zoom for my rallycross game,but im at a dead end. ive spent 2 days trying to figure this out,but i just cant do it right.

    basically, what i m trying to do is:

    the faster my car goes,the farther the camera is. so id like to get a camera that is zoomed in,when going slow, and zoomed out when going fast and have the zoom work smoothly without any steps between zoom levels.

    heres the .cap file,if anyone is willing to help me with this:


    nevermind all that random stuff in there, its just filled with all kinds of experiments.

  • I see you're still using old version of the avanced camera plugin. Check out the new version

    I can't open the .cap as I don't have yours plugin version, but it should be easy with the recent version. There is a zoom action, so just set the zoom to the car's speed

  • well yeah, im not sure if the cam version is the biggest problem lol. more like ME not being able to figure out the right event and action for this thing. and i do have that magicam also,which if im correct,should be a better version of advancedcam. i guess i could post a new cap with just the magicam plugin, just so ppl dont have to have both.

    but yeah, the problem still persists,unfortunately

    new .cap:


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  • Play with a multiplier to change the speed of the zoom. Tell me when you got the file, so I can erase it from my Dropbox account

    LINK - link deleted

  • THANK.YOU. so friggin much

    been bangin my head with this thing for too long. got the .cap,so you can delete it.

    finally i can start figuring out the next problem,which is car rev sound with gear changes and all that fancy stuff.

    but i'll figure it out later. back to study and absorb the knowledge you put in that .cap

    again, thanks!

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