Zombies deleting themselves and unselecting buttons?

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  • Hi, When ever I start my layout my zombies just disappear?

    Also I made some button but I can't unselect them, hold right click and press one of the buttons I made.


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  • That has something to do with your containers. I can't pin it down yet, but when containers are taken out of the question, your Zombies are not destroyed when a container object it destroyed. That said, leaving the containers in and removing the events to destroy container objects still causes this problem. hmm

  • some things i dont understand, if i read that .cap right ....

    1/ i dont get the "solid" object. I dont see a family not an object called "solid"

    2/ you spawn sensors,

    then destroy one kind when out of layout

    the other kind when out of range

    AND both kinds when they hit "solid".

    if you managed to destroy them, you would have none left to recreate.

    3/ Those sensors you spawn and try to destroy, are part of a container. I can not imagine what this does with the container when you add objects that are contained or destroy objects that are contained. I dont think thats a logic way to work with containers. They can only be messed up, even steel eachothers objects. What when there are 6 containers ? but 7 sensors ? Where does the 7th sensor go to ?

    4/ in line 6 u order

    LeftSensor: 7 overlaps Player 0

    ZombieSet 'Movement' to 4

    3 ticks after you launch this layout, a leftsensor will hit the player. I say "a leftsensor". You detect collision between player and any sensor.

    The conditions are met to move ALL ghosts +4 ..

    But since you do the same with the other sensor ..

    Conditions are met at the same time to move ALL ghosts - 4

    Result: nothing happens

    5/ you give a member of a container the job to destroy itself. This will destroy every member of a container. INCLUDING THE GHOSTS.

    6/ both left and right sensors move the same direction ?

    7/ The hitsensors postion theirselfs to all ghosts. And endup to the last ghost in the pick loop.

    Because see.

    Wen u have 6 ghosts.

    And if you do an action, without the event pickin wich ghost to apply to ...

    The action will run on all ghosts ...

    To do this, the action runs a hidden loop ...

    Ghost by ghost ..

    So positiong an object this way to all ghosts ..

    the object will end up positioned at the last ghost in the internal loop

    lets keep it to this at the moment

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