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  • Quick question:

    At what rate dose an object change size as it changes z-elevation in construct?

  • After a few minutes of experimentation it would seem that with an "Eye Distance" setting of 500 that a sprite with ZElevation of 250 will appear twice the size it is when it's ZElevation of 0.

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  • thank you.

    I'm trying to have the camera zoom out at the same rate as the object grows, thus making it look as if the objects not changing size.

    I've never used ZElevation before. it looked like it could make things simpler

    if it had a direct 1-pixel to 1-ZElevation ratio:Set (xy)Zoom: 100/(object.ZElevation+100)/100 would work.

    but it sounds like the growth is relative to the camera location itself. if thats the case it looks like i need to make a custom z-elevation like thing..

  • check that. if anybody is having a similar problem:

    Set (xy)Zoom: 100/((object.ZElevation+X)/100/5)

    X= whatever hight you want the camera to be from the object.

    100 is basically on top of the object

    200 is further away ext...

    it works fine.

  • Well you have to take into account that this is a 3d representation, so there is an offset from the camera. The closer the camera is the smaller the offset.

  • the offset is what i think is so cools about the Z Elevation thing as apposed to just changing the objects size.

    as long as the camera is locked onto the object changing z elevations there don't seem to be any problems with the offset of the object.

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