Xbox360Controller "Control is down" only option

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  • Hello.

    When creating an event and picking the xbox360controller object. The only choice I'm seeing is "Control is down". I'm expecting a choice along the lines of the keyboard and mouse object "On key pressed" but not seeing one.

    Question would be

    Does "On key press" exist for the xbox360 controller object, and I'm just missing it?


    How should I have the xbox360controller object event set up to act like an "on key Press"?

    thanks in advance.

    Only a week old using Construct, forgive the basic question.

  • From my experience, "Control is down" is a lot better than key pressed or anything.

    I don't worry about Xbox stuff, but what you have to do is go into application properties and make sure you know the names of each of the controls you have. There you can also configure what buttons do what. I ASSUME (don't know for sure) that you would set the controls to XBox buttons (like X, Y, etc.).

    Thus, in the event sheet, you can have stuff like "If 'Move Left' is down" or "On 'Attack' pressed" or stuff like that.

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  • Thanks Emperor Ing.

    Setting up custom controls like that is helpful. But I'm only seeing the ability to assign a standard keyboard or mouse key and not the xbox360 controller buttons. I'll keep looking I maybe missing it.

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