xbox controller shoot right thumb

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  • Hi all am new on contruct classic !

    am trying to shoot a bullet with the right thumb

    it work but the bullet take the direction of the left thumb :(

    in fact i wan shoot a bullet with the right thumb and take the direction

    of the right thumb.

    thanks for your help !

  • I have the same problem :( I didn't find any solution

  • Could You describe in detail how Your event to do so looks right now?

  • Hm strange. How about creating an object to visually represent the position of the right stick and having the bullets fire and set angle towards it..

    Always > Reticule: Set position

    X = PlayerSprite.X + XBox360Controller.RightThumb(1)*100

    Y = PlayerSprite.Y + XBox360Controller.RightThumb(1)*100

    Reticule would be the new object you create and the *100 is important as the actual output from RightThumb is only a tiny decimal :)

    Then just when you spawn bullets fire towards and set angle to the 'reticule' object.

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  • Thanks, Corvidae, this actually works really well for a twin stick shooter type of thing.

    I also added the same principle to movement by having a "guide" in front of the object, which has a bullet movement that changes speed depending on how far or close the "guide" is. This smoothens the movement out nicely.

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