Xbox 360 controller for player 2

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  • Hi,

    Is it possible to set a second xbox360 controller for the platform behavior ?

    I tried but it doesn't work :/

  • From what I can tell you'll need to go into the main game properties and add controls for Player 2 - move up, move down etc. and make sure they're for Player 2.

    Next you'll need to create another XBox Controller object and go into its properties - select Controller 2 and match up all the controls below to the actions you just set up in program properties.

    Finally if you go to the platform behaviour for the object you wish to be used by Player 2 and select Player 2 in the properties. That should sort it :) Also remember if you've got anything read by events to pick Controller 2 or change (1) to (2) if there's no controller selection.

  • Thank you Corvidae

    But I still have a problem, I don't know why Player2 doesn't work with the plateform behavior, he moves to the right of the screen O_o

    Very strange, I can't control him.

    Any idea?

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  • This happens with the Platform behavior if controls for Player 2 are not defined.

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