Xbox 360 Controller object with Platform Behaviour

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  • hi guys, ^^/

    I'm having some trouble using the "Xbox 360 Controller" object in my platformer. The n00b questions now follow: ^^;

    1. When turning left & right with the keyboard my sprite & animation flips correctly

    Player 1 "Move Left" is down (Player 1 "Move Right" is NOT down)


    Set animation angle to 180.

    But when using the 360 controller the sprite refuses to behave, despite the control still being pointed to the input "Move Right". The only difference I can see is "Keyboard Left Arrow" or "Left Thumb-Left" triggering the control input "Move Left (P1)".

    2. I've made some new control inputs of my own, EG: "Attack". I've assigned it to Space on the keyboard but have also tried assigning it to 360 controller buttons. The keyboard version works fine, plays animation but the 360 controller doesn't seem to call the control. Again, only difference I can see is between what is calling the input (either Keyboard "Space" or 360 "X button").

    I'm surprised at how much trouble I'm having just mapping some new attacks/controls to a button on the 360 controller when they already work on keyboard.

    If anyone else has some experience with that Xbox 360 Controller object, or can see a problem, please let me know. ^^b

  • Is everyone just using the keyboard for their games? I thought more people would have been using Construct as a prototyping tool for PSN/XBLA, thus the 360 controller.

    Again, if anyone has any experience using the 360 controller with the platform behaviour or any new custom inputs they've made in general, would be great to hear from you.

    Cheers guys. ^^/

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  • To my knowledge the 360 controller plugin is obsolete. The input system plugin is way better and allows keyboard, mouse, and as far as I know ANY joypad/controller.

  • Ah, this is good news. ^^

    Is that this one here?

  • I use the 360 plugin in my game, but I don't use it for a platformer. I have also never used the built-in controls in my game (I use the custom movement behavior) sadly.

    As for custom controls, I think the input system plugin allows that, while doing this via built-in input plugins requires an event for each control, and then checking if it is mapped to an action.

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