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  • Hey guys,

    I've been developing a project with construct 0.98.9, and recently upgraded to 0.99.5 in order to use the xbox 360 controller.

    I just want to to set some forces using the left thumb stick, up would throw the objects up, left/right would throw the objects left/right, etc. Mostly everything works as expected with the Dpad (or the keyboard), but when I use the the left thumb stick on the 360 controller, it doesn't work as expected: when I move the stick left or right nothing happens, when I move the stick up it acts as if I was moving it left, when I move the stick down it acts as if I was moving it right.

    I wanted to know if this is a known issue and if there's a fix for it, and here's an example .cap of what I'm trying to do (please ignore the first layout, it's just a bunch of tests). ... 0test.html

    Thanks in advance

  • you can double check to see if it's a reported bug or not

    I think this might be because if you touch slightly up or down it overrides the left and right

    other than vibration, which is not within it's scope

    the 'custom controls' plugin has a much less buggy version of the 360 plugin

    plus you don't need to set up multiple conditions for multiple control schemes

    but back to your cap

    this line will do all the 360 analog stuff, and also take into account the analogness of it:

    click the image for full view

  • sweet, i'm gonna try it out and see if i can use this, thanks a lot!

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  • works wonderfully, man, thanks

    the event conditions are all messed up, though. for example, using "is right thumb - left down?" actually captures right thumb - up down, i think. anyway it's messed up and with the "Xbox360Controller.RightThumbY(1)" properties i was able to circumvent this completely AND add the analog controls. thanks a lot

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