XAudio2 is breaking my program

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  • Okay so I'm trying to implement music into my program and its an absolute nightmare. I'm using 0.993.

    Importing files into either the "sound" or "music" folders in the Project Bar causes Construct to be unable to save my file. When I attempt to call these files with a 'play music' action, they don't show up under the "Resources" tab. They do show up when I put them in the "Files" folder, but then that causes Temp.exe to very strangely not appear and just sit in the background processes using 60% of my CPU.

    This is after following ThomasMahlers tutorial and scouring the wiki (a lot of which does not apply to 0.99.3)

    Basically, can anyone explain proper XAudio2 usage to me? Or maybe post a working .cap?

  • I think that playing stuff from resources is broken in .99.3. So odds are is you are doing it right its just that its a bug.

    I may be wrong though.

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  • Okay, so I guess I'll just have to use the "play from file". I've got that kind of working now anyway.

  • [quote:2h0oq9ny]I think that playing stuff from resources is broken in .99.3

    Yes, it's a known issue.

    You'll be glad to know that this is fixed for the next build, according to Ashley.

  • Yeah, 0.99.3 is an unstable testing build so you can expect things like this to go wrong, but I think it's fixed in the next build. If you're trying to get stuff done, rather than find bugs to report, use the last stable build (0.98.9).

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