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  • Hi, been away from here for a while and just got back into construct. When I add xaudio it works fine but if i add anything new to event sheet, (not audio) sounds and music no longer play. Not sure how to fix this, or how to upload cap* to the forum. any help appreciated. DSIDE

  • there is an uploads forum. Upload in there and then post a link to that thread here.

  • Many thanks, excuse my d'oh-ness at not seeing upload forum. have uploaded cap here.

  • I think Madster may have been a little premature in his reply... you see, if you're asking for help with playing a sound it's probably a good idea to include the sound you're playing, otherwise when we open your .cap and we don't have the sound, we can't hear the sound, and we can't help out too much.

    So you should include the sound in a .zip with your.cap, but then the file may be too large for the upload forum, depending on how big your sound is. In that case you will need alternate hosting.

    The preferred hosting service on this forum is Dropbox. It's very good.


    Anyway, I went ahead and changed the sound to one I had on my system and I can't recreate the problem that you're having. When you say you're adding something to the event sheet and it stops sounds from playing, what exactly are you adding? I added a simple "+ Always -> Spray Can: Change color filter to black" and the sound still played fine.

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  • As deadeye said it's always helpful to be as detailed and precise as possible. You haven't said much about what you're doing that affects the problem - so we can't say much about what could fix it.

  • hi, thanks again for replies... The prob seems to happen whatever project I start. Think this maybe system related and not a construct issue, as it seems to happen when I load Reason 4 up to create sounds and music. Will experiment with conflict further. Many thanks for the help..

  • I think Madster may have been a little premature

    That's what she said.


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