How can I write a text on a sprite?

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  • Hello I'm using Construct Classic.

    Is there a way to write a text on a sprite? I'm not talking about Text object, I need a box which I can paint and write a text at the same time and it must be easy to do as if its a Text. I thought about setting position of a Text to a sprite every tick but that won't work for me.

    Any suggestions?

  • Can you explain why positioning the text to the sprite won't work in a little more detail?/what you're aiming for?

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  • I'm going to make a composition program. I have piano sounds and I made a system of my own. It is:

    There will be a crosshair thingy in the middle. The user will choose the note, type the length in an Edit Box (eg: 2 for 2 seconds, 1,5 for 1,5 seconds) and when he presses "Add Note", the note will spawn at the crosshair thingy. I made a line which goes 400 pixels per second horizontally so that means it will take 1 second to finish a 400 pixels rectangle. When the user types the length (eg: 1,5), it will be multiplied by 400 ( which makes 1,5 . 400 = 600 pixels ) and it will be given as the rectangle's width.

    It won't work or it won't work nicely because I'll have to think of a new system to set the width of Text and the hotspots and imagepoints etc all that.

    So in short: a Text BOX would be so much appreciated.

    I know it sounds complicated but I had done this before but I had to draw different sprites for each note and their lengths and I was very limited. I made more than 100 bmp sprites just to finish an octave ( 12 notes).

  • Ah I see, that is pretty complicated =/ Perhaps you can use the spritefont plugin to position text to the objects.

    Otherwise, you can use canvas objects instead and paste the text into them. Not sure how much lag that'd make.

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