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  • Hi, I was using the wrap effect on a layer to create some waves on some bubbles I am working in. Everything was going fine until I added a layer behind the bubbles' layer (up until then I only had one layer) to put some background and the wrap effect stopped working. It seems to work again if I also add the wrap effect to the background layer, but that's not what I want. Is there a way for the wrap effect to work if it's not on the last layer?

  • It's working fine for me, can you post the cap?

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  • Here it is, if you erase the bottom layer it does what I want it to do.


    Edit: I just fixed my issue, it was not a problem with the wrap effect. I programmed the bubbles to spawn on layer 1 as I only had one layer when I started, and I forgot to change to spawn on layer 2 when I added the second layer, so the bubbles were spawning in the background layer that had no effect applied to it. Sorry for the inconvenience

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