Working on Construct based server, need help with structure

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  • hello, I am trying to make a server using construct, obviously not a literal server, but something to manage sockets if I made a game in blender that connected to my ip if that makes any sense, I dont know everything about servers, but i understand that a client will connect to an available server socket at said ip, I have worked out this so far...

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    I have a list to manage game server files and connected players under sockets, in addittion to ip and ping boxes. What I want,

    • to get the button labeled "Check ip" to check values entered in the ip and ping boxes
    • To get the start button to start, or listen I believe its called
    • To get the shut down button to stop listening
    • To get the retrieve sys button to retrieve files in a specified server or domain
    • For the sockets list to display connected ip's
    • To get the system files list to display system files retrieved

    What I have

    • Buttons (Yay)
    • A starting value of sockets set at 0

    I have this pod six net tutorial, but it is focused on construct games only, and I am trying to create a server only for a python based client to connect to, and I am unsure of what exactly I need from the tutorial, Im pretty sure I will need to use an append script for retrieving sockets and retrieving system files, but thats as far as I know

    If this project is really out of reach or impossible with construct then I understand, but any help is appreciated

  • Yes, you can connect a Construct server (using Podsixnet) with a Blender Client using Podsixnet.

    I can't figure out from your example exactly what you want your server to do. It sounds like you are using it as a file server for a bunch of clients??

  • i guess the only good example of what im trying to do is an engine like eclipse or xtreme worlds, it had a server you opened that would load scripts and everything, and a client you would distribute, im trying to make a server program like that that will manage things within the game, like say reloading scripts or banning and managing players

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  • Ok, I see that eclipse is a 2D RPG MMO builder.

    How are all the clients going to communicate with each other during gameplay?

    If it has to all go through the server (and you aren't handling it with your Python code) then this will be a challenging task in Construct. It is doable though and since you already know Python for the clients you might be able to make it work.

    I would start on something smaller for like 10 players though and see if you can make something fun. If that works then go bigger.

  • i was going to start with around 4, I know you cant get to high or your internet provider cuts you off

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