Wolfenstein 3D game - realistic?

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  • Hello everyone!

    I've got it into my head to create a relatively simple 3D game in the "raycasting" optic of Wolfenstein 3D. Other options like the Raycasting Game Maker (http://www.moddb.com/engines/raycasting-game-maker) are too limiting or complicated for me.

    But I love Construct Classic and there was this nice example:

    It uses 3D boxes, which are of course a little wasteful ressource-wise, when used that way but since I don't see any framerate issues so far, I think it could work.

    But do you think it is possible to have animated sprites for enemies, etc.? The 3D box texture cannot be animated. Normal sprites on the other hand don't have a Z-axis and cannot be rotated the same way. Is there a solution?

    Or should I just give up while I'm ahead? ;) Any other software solutions anyone can think of?

  • You can have animated sprites with this. You don't need the 3D Box for those.

    Here is a great example: rapidshare.com/files/857754678/3DFPSMaze.cap

  • Wow, thank you!

    I had just found this engine, while searching around the forum: scirra.com/forum/topic38855.html

    But your example file seems to be a LOT easier for me to grasph and very versatile too. Math is not exactly my strong suit, so this is a great help.

    Thanks again!

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  • I have now basically figured out how to do everything I want to achieve. Just one thing bugs me: Is it possible to change the view distance?

    I know fog is probably impossible but at least setting the view distance to a reasonable amount would stop some terrible "pop in" for larger levels.

  • I'm not 100% certain of how to get this to where you want it other than tinkering with the "Eye Distance" in the properties menu, and/or tinkering with the distance codes of the in event line 8. Messing around with those does in fact change the viewing distance.

    It should be noted that the .cap I posted was made by someone else, I just made a simple mod or two. I just snag good tech demos and put them on my hard drive when I see them pop up. Hope this helps!

  • The main aspect that was important to me in the .cap you posted was the simple realization that "Z elevation" works the same way as the proper Z coordinates of the 3D boxes. I don't understand most of the actual math that is going on and therefore try to keep things more simple, as in the first .cap I posted ("David's 3D Maze").

    Changing the "Eye Distance" does increase the view distance but also the field of view. So you can look further but your view is also zoomed in a lot more than would be "natural" for a first person game.

    I fear that it might be a hard coded limitation of the 3D box plugin, that is unlikely to appear when using the plugin in more conservative fashion in a 2D game. Unless someone has a better idea.

    Still, thank you for the great tips!

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