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  • Hey Guys, i am making a game in Construct. There is some kind of a problem with the window size. Look, suppose my window size is 3000 x 1000. I want the window size to be 640 x 480. But when i set in this value, the window places itself up, whereas i want the window to be down the layout so that when a player climbs a ladder or something, the screen can move upwards. How can i do this?

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  • When you set Layot size to 3000x1000, and your game window size is 640x480 you can use events:

    + System: Start of layout
    -> System: Scroll to X "insert X position you want to go"
    -> System: Scroll to Y "insert Y position you want to go"[/code:1rl002ow]
    or you can set on your Sprite Properties -> Groups -> Attributes ->[b] Center view on me[/b]
    That will always put your sprite in the center of the screen
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