Window resizing, aspect ratio, pixel blurring etc.

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  • I have played around with Construct for just under 2 days now, but most of that time has been spent reading forum posts about how to get non-blurry pixel resizing and keeping aspect ratio in fullscreen. I realize that this has been asked before, but I have yet to find definitive answers to the following questions:

    1. Is there any way to keep pixels nice and sharp when resizing the window (2x, for example)?

    I have looked at a few examples on how to do this, but none have worked as advertised on my computer.

    2. Can you make a, say, 320x240 game that will maintain its 4:3 aspect ratio when resized to fullscreen on a 16:9 or 16:10 monitor (adding black bars when necessary)? Or vice versa?

    3. Assuming there isn't any satisfactory way of doing this yet, are there any plans of implementing some sort of solution?

    I really would like to make the switch from MMF to Construct but so far it just seems less friendly towards low-res pixel I wrong? (I hope so!)

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  • I too would like to figure these out :T I've seen a bunch of workarounds and stuff posted around here but none of them work.

  • About pixel sharpness:

    I'm pretty sure the methods work. So there's a chance that something on your PCs isn't set up best, e.g. the graphic cards driver (driver settings may override app requests, and there are a lot that care for "un-pixelizing", like anti-aliasing, adaptive anti aliasing, anisotropic filter, mipmap details etc.)

    Other than that, I can only suggest that you post your caps in question here. I would have a look at them to try my best resizing the window.

  • All the ones I have tried did have blurring, including the one with Mega Man in it which I think you made? (Correct me if I'm wrong, I've looked at too many forum posts over the last few days.)

    If the methods are only effective on some graphics cards, I wouldn't really define that as "working"...also, MMF manages to resize without blurring, so apparently it is possible for the app to override driver settings, if that is the problem. (MMF doesn't handle the window resizing any differently however.)

    I don't have any caps to show, because I am not going to start a project before I am sure these basic options are in place. I need to know that my poor 16 pixels tall sprites can be resized without becoming a blurry mess.

  • The megaman one was mine, and it works fine in 0.99.92. I think it's the best workaround so far, except that there is a bug (I believe with Construct) where it will randomly add a single extra line of pixels at some points of a sprite, even though the display height/width says it didn't. It's only one extra line, so it's not noticeable at all, and I didn't catch it until someone pointed it out to me.

    It's your graphics card settings. I don't know about ATI, but if you have an NVIDIA card, open up the NVIDIA control panel and on the "Adjust image settings with preview" panel, change it to "Let the 3D application decide." I'm too lazy to look it up for ATI, but I'm sure the settings are similar. This should be done anyways, because letting NVIDIA choose settings can give funky results in quite a few programs (Blender, for instance).

    I know this isn't ideal because this has to be done on anyone's PC that doesn't have this option selected. Just remember to put it in the FAQ section of your Readme!

    Best of luck, my friend :D

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