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  • When I use the change size event for the window object it seems to work fine, however despite me choosing to use "point" for sampling in the runtime properties, it still blurs the contents of the window. Is that meant to happen?

    I don't mind it, although was just unsure.

  • I think it's meant to do that, although it would be nice if it just resized instead of scaling the image. I'd like to be able to change the resolution my game is played at without having to distort the image.

  • The smooth filtering is a graphics card thing isn't it? I think a lot of cards filter low resolutions, QVGA (320x240) resolution usually, I think some filter VGA resolutions as well.

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  • DirectX stretches the display if the window size is not the same as the display size. If you use 'Set display resolution' it'll resize the window AND the display size, keeping unstretched display. Try that - also if in fullscreen mode, it will change resolution.

  • I can only get Set Display resolution to change the window size, plus it won't resize anything. It will also only change the size of the window as long as it doesn't exceed the size of the layout.

  • Yeah, the layout has to be at least as big as the window, so make your layout the size of the biggest window size you want. So you WANT it to resize the display when you resize the window - but with point sampling? I don't think DirectX allows you to do that with its built in stretch... how about you set the display zoom?

  • Yeah that works actually, setting the display resolution , using point sampling then zooming... works well

    I don't think I'll use this effect however, not quite perfect result.

  • When I do that, I get a weird line from bottom left to the top right corner that seperates each half by a pixel or so.

    I'll sent you an email with the .cap showing what I mean.

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