why is this happening?

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  • I'm using a simple soft circle sprite with the magnify effect.

    it's supposed to look like this:

    when I applied motion to it, it started looking like this:

    sometimes when it bounces at just the right angle it'll go back to normal for a second, but usually not

    the strange thing is when I cloned the sprite, the clone looks right all the time

    these are two exe's with the glitchy and non glitchy versions

    the capfile is set to nonglitch, to make it glitch, set the blackholeinner to "invisible on start", and uncheck the same box on blackholeouter to make it visible




    EDIT: UPDATE: the nonglitchy clone was set to

    always - "position to object" to the glitchy one, and it looked fine

    if I directly apply the same motion (the ball behavior) to it, it gets the same glitchy effect. I guess the workaround would be to always use an invisible sprite to control the motion. but is there a reason this happens, or is it just a glitch?

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  • I can't reproduce the glitchy picture in the .cap you sent. Have you got your latest video card drivers?

    I doubt the way you set an object's position in the events is the source of the problem. It'll be how the rendering is done that causes the glitch.

  • can you try this one ashley?

    it's already set up to glitch


  • I get the same thing.


    It only happens when the sprite is rotated at an angle. I tried 8 Direction on it, and it only distorts when moving diagonally.

    Selecting "No Rotation" fixes it.

  • thanks dead

    still doesn't really make sense though

    but I can work with it

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