Why does my game not look like my layout?

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  • In my layout I have some sprites over towards the left. Everything is set to run at 800x600.

    Exhibit 1:

    <img src="http://www.oharse.co.uk/temp/LayoutView.png">

    The darkblue 'border' is part of the game screen, and is within the 800x600 view.

    When I run the layout, the view is centered over the sprites I've setup.

    Exhibit 2:

    <img src="http://www.oharse.co.uk/temp/GameView.png">

    This is not what I want. The game view should be the same as the layout view.

    I'm using the Advanced Camera plugin, but it doesn't matter if I take that out. I need to shift the camera over to the right somehow, but using the Advanced Camera options of setting the X and Y position doesn't seem to help.

    I'm sure I'm missing simple, but I'm surpised it's happened at all. I would have thought that when you set stuff up on the layout, that's exactly how it would look in the game.

  • Are you sure you haven't ticked the 'Center view on me' box on any of the objects in its properties' attributes?

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  • D'oh, that was it. So many things to click on...


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