Why my game crashes?

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  • When I run the game, It suddenly crashes... and I can't think why it crashes

    <img src="http://uccfs.paran.com//PUD/cc/wnaro/IMG/20120413/1334282888_201204131108087743205601_0.jpg" border="0">

    download :


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  • Are you using the 'OR' condition anywhere? That would sometimes cause crashes when I tried to use it.

    Aside from that, save a copy then try deleting parts of your .cap and re-running it, starting with the code first which is more likely to cause a crash then any objects themselves. That way you can narrow down what's causing it.

  • Looks like your temp.exe is corrupted.You can delete the temp.exe's.I don't know where they are stored for win7 but in winxp it's stored at c:\documents and settings\your user name\Application Settings\Scirra\Temp.exe or temp3.exe etc.Delete those exe's and it should solve the problem.

    Heres where the files are loacted in win7 make sure that hide system files is off then go to c:\Users\Your user name\AppData\Roaming\Scirra\Temp3.exe

  • Thanks Arima

    I've replaced two ORs and It does not crash.


    sadly It still crashes with ORs after removing all temp files...

    hmm.. then is it a bug?

  • That's strange , I downloaded your cap and it does not crash on my pc.Tested the cap on winxp and win7 with no crashes.

  • It does not crash directly. you need to wait a little.

  • Are you running Windows Vista? I have found that my game won't crash on XP or Windows 7, but always crashes on Vista

  • That would be really weird if the or condition only caused crashes on vista... since that's the OS I'm using too. :/

    Regardless, yeah, the or condition is bugged. Simply avoid it by making multiple events with the same actions, or use a function.

  • I talked about the issue with the or-condition before. Although I agree that it is most of the time preferable to avoid it, you can still use it if you know of the issue that is causing those problems, and avoid it.

    My skills in C++ are too low to find and correct the code, but this is what happens:

    Why using or seems to fail often

    In short, it can output wrong results and it needs a couple of ticks to evaluate. Both combined can lead to other issues which may finally crash the app.

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