what's up with the locked viewport?

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  • I,m terribly sorry if I flood this forum too much but I'm making giant steps with every tip, infinite thanks for that. :)

    Another one I tried to solve for quite a while;

    So is there a way to unlock the layout viewport and be able to scroll anywhere we want in a big level? My level starts and goes upward. Zooming out keeps the viewport in the upper left corner and I can't zoom anywhere else but on the viewport...

    Basically how do you navigate (scrool, zoom elsewhere...) in big levels that takes more than one screen?

  • Yup, if you select the layout (from the properties bar on the right side of the screen), you'll see the Unbounded scrolling box in its properties (on the left side of the screen). Tick that box and the layout will allow scrolling outside its borders.

    Edit: Oops, I may have misread, if I have then you will want to select your player or centre-of-screen object and give it the attribute "Centre view on me".

  • Sorry I should have mentionned, I'm searching for the option for the editor only, for when I'm editing levels in the layout viewport, not in runtime with the game camera is enabled.

    I guess it would be something that allows me to move the main white square workspace around a level as my center of zoom in/out.

    Otherwise the farther I'm editing from that central (well, upper left really) white square workspace, the more zoomed out I need to be and the smaller the object, etc...

    Basically beyond a certain zoom out, when no scrolling bar are displayed, using space+click+drag in the viewport doesn't do anything anymore.

  • That's been solved in C2. The only way around that problem in CC that I know of is to make your own level editor, which at least when I tried it making a basic one wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I have been using construct a while, though.

    Basically all you need to do is make some controls to create/place sprites and tiled backgrounds, then save the locations and properties of each to an array. Then when loading a level at runtime, load the array and create the parts of the level from it.

    You can even build those controls into the game itself so you can edit levels while playing them!

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  • Ah, I think a work-around for that would be to set the layout size larger than the layout itself, then shrink it down again after you're done editing.

  • Guys, I think he is asking how to scroll in the layout editor.

    If that is the case chap, one option is to hold down the space bar click and hold mouse 1 and move the mouse, or to click down a middle mouse button and move the mouse.

  • Thanks guys, you gave me a lot of ideas and I think I finally found it;

    Yes I think jayjay got the right answer. You manually enter the height and width of your whole level in the layout properties (say 10000 x 6000)

    Just a bit lower in that same panel, expand the application property, then you set your actual application window's height and width to a standard resolution (640x480). So there is theorically no need to shrink it down again once you are done editing.

    Seems to work well, I'm pretty sure that's the way to go.

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