Weird Object Problem

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  • The game i'm working on is a top-down turn-based game. Right now I'm working on a system that calculates whether you can enter the adjacent spaces based on the terrain and how many points the player character has left using a recursive function.

    I have it so when you click the PC (a sprite) it should trigger the function. The problem is, when I click it, it does nothing, but when I click within 32px LEFT of the object, it triggers, meaning the object seems to be to the left of where it appears on the screen. I think I'm having trouble with other objects because of this as well.

    I tried moving the objects' hot spots around, but this has no effect. All of the objects are 32x32px squares. I even tried to create a new sprite and it has the same problem. It seems the offset is always 32px, no matter the size of the object. It seems there is some variable I'm missing but I don't see it. Help with this is appreciated.

  • Could you post your *.cap file?

  • Gridwar.cap

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  • Are you using any third party plugins?

  • Strange. Seems to be working fine over here; nothing happens if I click around the player, only directly on it.

  • No plugins are being used.

    I think changing the program's window size fixed the problem (before it was quite a bit wider than the default, I think ~2000x640), though I have no idea why that would be.

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