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  • Hello there fellow people

    I just want to ask if anyone can list few steps how to get the correct application (The lowest MB, But the best) for making a plugin and were to get the "SDK", bec i have downloaded Visual studio bef (8 months ago) and when i try to open it there is an error, So this time i want to start correctly.

    please can someone help me?

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  • You might want to read through THIS thread first, then the WIKI takes you through creating an example plugin HERE.

    Be aware that setting up the free 'express' editions can be problematic, whereas I've tried it with the full versions of VS2005 and VS2010 and it was a breeze.


    <font color=red>Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition with SP1

    Visual C# 2008 Express Edition with SP1

    Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition with SP1     

    Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition with SP1      

    MSDN Express Library</font>


    Can i still make a plugin with no errors or external downloads of

    ATL 7.1 Files, Windows driver kit

    (I am downloading the software now)

  • You can make plugins from that from what I can see.

    make sure you ask any questions you have in Construct Engineering forums once you actually begin. The current plugin developers, myself included, can see those quicker than the flooded help forum. And happy learning!

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