Who wanna review my homework? (hashtable)

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  • Hey this should be fun, :)

    I found that awesome .cap file made by PixelRebirth about creating a scrollable menu to cast spells like a classic RPG game.

    I studied that beast for days and nights trying to figure all that jazz and create my own and use it for other stuff because I think it's quite a key pillar for my game.

    So in a final effort I tried to comment every events he created, explaining to a non programmer how I think it's actually working out, basically talking to myself.

    So who's willing to take a look at the comments, and tell me if I get it a bit?


    Maybe it can improve the .cap file to the rank of tutorial for others...

    Well, thanks and good night now!

  • Checked and corrected.

    You messed up on the comprehension of the hashtable object, hope the capx helps you out.

    AS for a tutorial, PM PixelRebirth and offer him the commented version to see if he wants to upload it.

    This is still is work in the first place.

  • hmmm that's really cool. never thought you'd need one hash table per group, I though just one could include all this.

    From what I tried, the mysterious panel size parameters seems to control a vertical scaling factor and some extra space at the bottom.

    Best hash table tutorial ever now! never thought I would embark myself on something so complicated by basing my game on menus... I thought quite the opposite in deed...

    Yes of course it's PixelRebirth's call to do whatever he judges best with it.

    thanks a lot kyatric, you just pwn.

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  • Okay you guys, what made you think it was okay to mess with my precious cap files? <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Joking aside, I don't think this needs to be turned into a true tutorial. It's fine how it is and will be found by interested parties making a little effort digging through the forums. Gropwel proved it.

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