It walljump instead of sticking

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  • I've been working on fixing that issue for 2H and it won't stick the first time.

    At start of the game i try to go stick on the right wall but it walljump on the first try no matter what try to change, after the first try it work fine i can stick on the wall. But not on the first try.

    Can anyone help me there ?

    <img src="">

    enlightened .cap 99.72 (arrow to move, right ctrl to jump) :

  • It looks to me like the On Control Pressed trigger is triggering immediately the first time the wall cling happens which causes it to jump immediately. Strange that it's just the first time. Looks like a bug.

    It might have something to do with this change in v0.99.7:

    [quote:1jyhiv2s]- [CHANGE] Rewrote the event exporter that handles preprocessing of triggers. New design is very easy to maintain and flexible, but if anyones events stop working right this could be the cause of it. Davo has promised to upload a video of him slapping himself to youtube if this does not work.

    Anyway, I changed events around a bit so that the trigger is at the root level of the event and it works fine:

    I also took out your detectors. You don't need them, the Platform Behavior has built-in wall, floor, and ceiling detectors that you can use as conditions. Also, there is always the "Overlapping at offset" condition for sprites. Wall detectors like this are pretty much useless in Construct as far as platforming goes, they're just taking up space in your layout and event sheet.

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  • I totally believe you about the contactors, I used this system for some strange reasons...

    One of them is because I don"t understand what happen "under the hood" with the event "wall on the right", this check seems strange to me. (Like if i add some rebound on a really fast object, will it still work ?)

    But it work perfectly fine with it and also with the "point overlapping" so i'll do like that \o/

    Thank you for the help.

  • I can't imagine that it would stop you at a wall but somehow not return true for a "Has wall" condition.

    If the platform behavior knows enough to rebound you at high speed, then it knows there is a wall there, so yes you should be okay using the "Has wall to left/right" conditions

    Oh, and I have a bug example for the triggering issue, I'm posting it to the tracker now... that is if it's not already there

  • Then I'd say the platform behavior use some advanced and strange magic.

    I'll just try to stick to things I may be able to reproduce myself in python for the moment (even if I already use some strange magic :3)

    EDIT : I don't know if it's me but it's still not working with some more events to add the possibility to climb higher on the wall, and strange things happens, sometimes my fault sometimes i don't see why... blarf

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