Has wall to right.

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  • Hey all,

    How do I access the "Has wall to right" condition (part of the Platform behavior) in a Python script? What is it called in the script editor?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • If it's any help, "overlapping at offset" is the same thing.

  • It's not listed in the script editor, but it's:

  • Thanks, R0J0hound! You're my savior yet again.

    How did you know what it is? Is there a list somewhere which shows the Python equivalencies of all of the conditions and actions available on the event sheet? I often seem to run into the problem of knowing how to build something using the event sheet GUI but not knowing how to access the same properties, actions, etc. in a Python script. The Wiki is not very helpful in this regard.

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  • I used PyShell. It allows you to explore python in construct much like the python command line app bundled with python.

    Open PyShell.cap, add a Sprite and give it the Platform behavior.

    Run the Layout and you will be presented with a prompt.

    If you type dir() you will see a list that contains the names of all the objects.

    dir(SpritePlatform) shows a list of all the python equivalences.

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