Wait a time but without repetition and other questions

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  • Hello. I have some questions. Thanks all. Sorry by my English.

    1.How can I wait a time? I want to say, I set rate of particles from 0 to 200, then I want to wait 2000 miliseconds, and then I want to set rate to 0.

    2.I have a sprite, and I want to move it to right a given distance, then I want that it returns to left and then restart.

    3.This is difficult, but... You can connect with a MySQL database online?


    If you don't understand something say me. Because my English level isn't too good.

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  • I can only help you with the first question. Try to do this with a function object.

    For example:

    + Start of layout

    -> Set particle rate to 200

    -> Call function "particles" after 2000 ms

    + On function "particles"

    -> Set particle rate to 0

  • : Take a look at the Sine behaviour. On the forum you will find a nice tutorial cap for it.

    : I would say you will have to reach for an external python library to do that I think. I do not know if you can do it with the HTTP object or something else.

  • I tend to agree about having a look at the Sine behavior for #2

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